My Letter to Mars

So the idea is that there would be a blog that would have nothing but letters people write to the Mars guys. Considering they’re on break at the moment it’s a perfect time to think about what they mean to you and put it all in one letter.

Some of them could definitely be anonymous if decided and they could be ‘boring’ to the stereotypical dark past letter like mine. The thing is, when I wrote my letters to the guys, it was really very therapeutic for me to do that. Just to get my thoughts down in words.

I think eventually what I would want to do is — those that would request it — the next time they go on tour I would save my money for another Meet and Greet and print out the letters of those that can’t afford to get their letters to the guys and give the guys these letters.

Or we could try to get them to look at this blog. Either one works just pleasantly.

Hi Katie. Look, whenever i think about letter and mars, it always ended up with you. I've made a letter to them. Do you have any idea of how i could send it to them? ç.ç. im so lost in this

You’re so sweet!

It’s going to be rather difficult to get a letter to them without it getting seemingly lost in everything.  There’s twitter but that may be too public. There’s no address to send things to if you wanted to (although that would honestly be quite the idea).

You could wait for their new album to come out and wait for another tour so you could maybe pay for a GT to give them the letters.

But I feel like there ought to be a way for people to send in letters without having to pay so much money to get into their hands.

I know that Shannon had an email set up but that didn’t really end up so great.

Well, the best way I can think of is to wait for the tour, send it to me, and I will get a GT for a show and hand them all the letters that fans otherwise couldn’t afford to go and do it themselves.

Maybe put it in a book for them? idk, thinking out loud.

Apologies for rambling on your ask.

As I sit here watching the cursor blink, trying to formulate words that would make sense, I can only come to one conclusion. There aren’t enough words to explain how I feel about MARS. All I can say is that 2011, was probably the best year of my entire existence and it’s all because of Jared, Tomo, Shannon and the Echelon. I’ve shared some of the best moments of my life with them and I’ve met pretty spectacular people along the way. At the end of the day, all I want to say is THANK YOU. In all my years on this planet, I’ve never felt the happiest as I do now. I can remember the exact moment where everything changed. It was at the Mars 300 show on December 7th, during This Is War right before Tomo’s solo. Everything came to a stand still in my eyes and at that moment tears of joy slowly made their way form my eyes to my cheeks. I had an out of body experience, I blacked out. All I remember is snapping out of it and saying to myself; IVE NEVER BEEN THIS HAPPY. I can’t believe I was lucky enough to participate in this world breaking evening. It means everything to me. I cannot wait to continue this amazing experience with the boys and live new and exciting adventures. Until we meet again



Don’t worry, it’s not some lame and/or silly blog that means absolutely nothing and it most definitely will not be ignored by me.


If you couldn’t guess by the title, it’s a blog that would be dedicated to the men of 30 Seconds to Mars.  Whether they are simple, complicated, short, or lengthy, letters written to thank them for what they’ve done for you in your life are all important and as inspiring as the next.

My goal is that the next time they go on tour, I would get as many letters together as possible, print them out, then give them each the letters that are meant for them.

You may remain anonymous or proudly state who you are.  Either way, reading those words will mean the world to them and only put even more reasons in their heads for why they keep doing what they do.

Submit your letters whenever you would like.  There is no limit to how many letters you want to write to them especially if it’s to update them in a way to say how things had changed since the last letter you wrote.

Anyway, that’s the general idea of this blog.  I hope you all take advantage of it!

P.S. - Michelle and I are sworn to secrecy and if you wish for a letter to be posted anonymously, we’ll make sure your identity is kept a secret.

My letter is already posted and I will probably keep adding more as my life updates.

If you have questions, please ask Michelle or I and we’ll answer you with the best of our abilities.

Thank you.