My Letter to Mars

So the idea is that there would be a blog that would have nothing but letters people write to the Mars guys. Considering they’re on break at the moment it’s a perfect time to think about what they mean to you and put it all in one letter.

Some of them could definitely be anonymous if decided and they could be ‘boring’ to the stereotypical dark past letter like mine. The thing is, when I wrote my letters to the guys, it was really very therapeutic for me to do that. Just to get my thoughts down in words.

I think eventually what I would want to do is — those that would request it — the next time they go on tour I would save my money for another Meet and Greet and print out the letters of those that can’t afford to get their letters to the guys and give the guys these letters.

Or we could try to get them to look at this blog. Either one works just pleasantly.